State Conference

47th State Conference

Rochester, Minnesota
April 21 - 24, 2022



Sponsored by:
Minnesota Law Enforcement Explorer Association
Fraternal Order of Police  
Minnesota Chief's Association


Three nights lodging.
Assigned by the Conference Committee.
Thursday -- No meals provided
Friday -- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Saturday -- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sunday -- Breakfast
Conference fee:
Working on the costs now / per person.
Includes: Room, meals, and conference program.
Not included: Pistol shoot fees 
Important - Please Read
This year's academic sessions are open for the entire post to attend, however, only one test per post will be allowed. If two test are found to be submitted both will be disqualified.   

All registration is due by March 1, 2022. Please make sure you complete the new process. Please also send all additional paperwork to make sure your registration is not delayed.
A reminder, please get your information in on time. If you are waiting for a check to turn your paperwork in, please contact DuWayne so the paperwork can be entered, and you will not be put on the bottom of the list and may have to share beds.
Competitive Events:
This year's competitive events will consist of the following:

  1. Four Academic Sessions

  2. Thirteen Practical Exercises

  3. Pistol Shoot - 30 rounds

  4. Sample Police Examination

  5. Fitness Run

Scholarship money, trophies, plaques, and certificates will be awarded to the winners of the competitive events.
Academic Sessions:
In the classroom an instructor will provide a one-hour lecture on a given topic. At the completion of each lecture the Explorers, as a post will take a written examination. This will test the Explorer's ability to receive and retain information and also to test their ability to work as a team in making decisions. The topics have not been decided but as in the past they will require no advance study. Participants should take notes to be used in the examination. Scholarship money, team plaques and individual certificates will be awarded to the top five Explorer posts.
Practical Exercises:
The Practical Exercises will be consistent with those that have been offered at the National Competition. Four person teams will be randomly selected to compete in these exercises. The events will be:

  1. Arrest & Search

  2. Bomb Scene Search

  3. Burglary Response

  4. Crime Prevention

  5. Crime Scene Search

  6. Domestic Crisis

  7. Emergency Field First Aid

  8. Hostage Negotiation

  9. Street Decisions

  10. Traffic Stop

  11. Traffic Accident Investigation

  12. White Collar Crime

  13. Witness Interview

Scholarship money, trophies, plaques, and certificates will be awarded to the winners of the competitive events. 
Pistol Shoot:
Shoot Fee: $30.00 per Individual
Shoot registration will be included in the paperwork or can be done at conference registration table.
Teams: four people per team
•    Team can be made up of any four members of your post.
•    The team does not have to be the same as your competition teams. 
•    More than one team may be entered.
•    Individuals may shoot without being on a team.
Weapons: 9mm semi-automatic (gun will be provided)
Ammunition: Will be provided to each shooter
Targets: 25-yard NRA time fire (B-8P)

Shoot rules will accompany the registration packet, please review them.