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Welcome to the new MLEEA Member's Only section of the website! We hope this new design will bring you more up-to-date information, easier access to the items you need most, and an overall better user experience. We welcome your feedback.

Member Home

This is the first page you will normally see after logging in. It provides access to and is the gateway to all secure areas of the website. It explains the various Member Only pages and it will provide important information on the happenings within the MLEEA.

Membership List

Here you will find a list of all the members that have made their profiles "public" to the rest of the membership. Public means that your profile is only displayed to other approved members, not for the general public. This page allows you to FOLLOW and CHAT with other members as well. All of these members are located on the Members page. You can learn more about the Members page and how to make your profile public here.

Documents / Forms / Files

The DOCUMENTS page is dedicated to all of the documents, forms, files, etc. All approved members have the ability to view the files. Admin members have the ability to upload, download, and view files. All of these files can be located here. You can learn more about documents here.


The FORUM is a place where members can communicate with other members using specific categories. Members can customize their profiles and follow other members. Members can post, comment, like, share, and more. Make sure you setup your notifications so you can be alerted to categories you are interested in. You can learn more about the forum here.


Member's Chat lets logged-in members start conversations with each other or with groups of members. Whether you are online or not, your messages will always be here waiting for you. You can learn more about the chat function here.


Keep your profile updated with current information, as well as adding a profile image and/or a profile background image; this can all be done by selecting the "Profile" link in the menu bar.


If you would like to adjust settings or notifications, just click on the appropriate link in the menu bar.

Wix Mobile App

The mobile app is a great way to interact with other members, view documents, see new forum posts, get news, and have alerts sent right to your mobile device. Take the time to download the mobile app: Apple | Google. You can learn more about the mobile app here.


Connor Nadler

Explorer Advisor
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